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This is a summary of the NZ-related travel/tourism stuff I've done.

  • Steered (wearing various caps) nine editions of Lonely Planet's top-selling New Zealand guidebook (half of all editions of LP's NZ since 1977).
  • Plus a whole bunch of other LP NZ products: hiking, North and South Island guides, full-colour Discover, web, Bluelist. Via good market/competitive analysis (including working with the right RTOs) and clever content-creation methods, I took the "NZ suite" from one book to five books.
  • Forged strong links with tourism industry: the fabulous Tourism New Zealand, and all the brilliant Regional Tourism Organisations. Used these links to improve the quality of the information we were providing to travellers (and because informed travellers = happy travellers, this was win win).
  • Work relating to the Christchurch earthquake and the city's subsequent recovery/rejuvenation.
  • beehive
  • Hiring magnificent guidebook authors, as appropriate for one of Lonely Planet's top-selling guides, plus some cool content from an array of interesting Kiwis (poets, historians, cartoonists, stuntwomen, adventurers, chefs and sportsfolk).
  • Miscellaneous other writing for print and web
  • Research/writing On-the-road research/guidebook author on LP's 14th NZ edition
  • Maori tourism
  • m button Media: print, radio and TV, in support of LP NZ products, or commenting on NZ tourism issues such as Christchurch or Wellywood.

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