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A summary of the work I did at Lonely Planet.
  • The best bit: working with authors, plus a bit of authoring of my own.
  • The stuff I did the longest: New Zealand travel and guidebooks.
  • What they actually hired me for: Pacific Island travel stuff.
  • Leading a team: creativity, fun (also see the "how").
  • Commissioning content from cool people, such as Wizards, Booker-Prize and Pulitzer winners, rock gods, poets, circus performers, politicians/Rastafarians and Knights of the Realm.
  • Science nerdery & number crunching: new ways of doing finances, detective work. Helping non-scientists with sciencey things.
  • Creating user-friendly tools and "dashboards" to make people's jobs easier, and help them devote time to the important stuff, not the number crunching
  • coins drop-in post-it note
  • Financial/commercial whizzery: pioneering treatment for combining content, modelling costs/profits from different content systems, break-even calculations (and philosophy), changing cycle (involving actual maths). Cultural stuff too: changing the way commissioning editors treated commercial decisions.
  • Disaster management & problem solving
  • Working with national and regional tourism organisations in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Australia and Asia.
  • On the organising committee for LP soccer.
  • Height of the Eiffel Tower, and assorted other mythbusting
  • Eiffel Tower pic
  • Lots of Media work (TV, radio, print), mostly for New Zealand, Australia and Pacific travel stories.
  • Resource/workload modelling and scheduling, for teams that don't fit the mould (commissioning editors; authors)
  • Clever number crunching: Using market research, competitive information, destination data, to find out what's really happening, then move from that to what we should be doing: Australian domestic travel, Pacific "drop in" guides, NZ "island" guides.
  • Finding new ways of creating and reusing content: "drop in" guides and guidebook cascades on wonky, alternating cycles
  • China team
  • Working with Lonely Planet China
  • Working on Trade & Reference titles such as travel literature, travel reference, coffee-table books and other fun projects.

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