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A list of links and random stuff...
  • Travel bits and pics
  • Un-dumb media
  • Maxine's writing
  • Melbourne's most ancient touch-football team: The Phantoms.
  • How the Internet is making us cleverer: LOL Cats and Herald Sun comments. Bonus content: UGC : a silver bullet, a cure for cancer, and a free lunch.
  • Four More Years: Amazing Rugby Trips
  • Rotation of the Planet. (Alternatively titled 'Why If You Already Know What You're Looking For Before You Go Looking For It, You'll Probably Find It.') You should ask me about this one. It's pretty interesting.
  • Morris Minor tips and tricks: How using your hands makes you clever.
  • How to con the boss (a users' guide for corporate con artists).
  • One community's fight against the oppression of inappropriate streetnames: The inspiring tale of Billy Button Close.
  • Every Supervillan needs a lair: the story of the Victoria Harbour Control Tower.
  • Some website projects, like my bro's Redwood Park Serviced Apartments
  • Smelly Gnarken Day
  • Release the Kraken!
  • How to put down a hangi
  • Slack Yoga Inc.
  • My poetry notebook
  • Tulips versus Spotify: Why every 'boom' throughout history has failed, but why this one will not (invest NOW).
  • Charlie the Unicorn & other change-management tools