Top Ten reasons that you might hire me

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1 Because I'm modest (hoho) or at least, honest

2 Publishing cleverness. See LP.

3 Tourism cleverness, particularly re New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, but also Africa, the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and China.

4 Applying sciencey thinking to unsciencey problems

5 Financial nous, and coming up with different ways to look at commercial decisions, or different ways (infographics) to help others look at commercial decisions.

6 Problem solving, disaster management, creativity.

7 A bit of a recruiting cliché, I know: "IQ and Emotional intelligence

8 I'm fun to work with

Did I really say 10? That's a lot. Let's not be greedy. How about instead ...

Top 5 Things I'm Proudest of ...

star Commissioning great content from Gandalf, Keri Hulme, and amazing guidebook authors.

star Christchurch (and NZ tourism) stuff.

star Leading a great team, even when the straits were dire.

star Writing, including LP's first South Pacific

star LP-wide stuff, like LP Soccer.