RESUME: Packages & Software

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This is probably the most boring page here, but I know some people like to know this stuff. Specific software packages I know include.
  • Excel. I'm actually quite good at this. I've created a bunch of tools and "dashboard" type things to make people's lives a bit easier. I wish I was better at writing macros tho. (And I have a mental block with pivot charts.)
  • Word and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite
  • Notepad++ and Sublime (well let's face it, they're not hard, right!)
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Coding in HTML (still learning, as you will be able to tell from this website!) including CSS
  • SAP (or at least some bits of it)
  • Fortran (actually I've mercifully forgotten a lot of that. Does anyone out there still use Fortran??) and C Plus Plus (ditto).