Lonely Planet Indoor Soccer Competition

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The Lp Soccer comp started in 1996, and has been going strong ever since, with two seasons played every year. Six to eight teams from around the company play once a week, with a Grand Final to decide the season champion. With the famous LP House Band, it's one of the two LP institutions that has done the most to break down barriers in the org, and bring people together.

I joined the organising committee a few years ago, and ref games as well. I think LP soccer is one of the most important, valuable institutions at LP, so any tiny thing I can do to help keep it going is time well spent. I've played since 2002, so now in around my twentieth season (there have been a couple of seasons missed thru injury: I once managed to fall over and break my ankle without even being near the ball or any other players!).

Now in it's 17th year and about to start its 34th season, LP Soccer is also about to start a new tradition with a half-day championship tournament as part of LP's Forty Years celebrations. (I'm also hoping to help organise a game against an ASRC team. Fingers crossed.)