RESUME: The 'how' / EQ / teamwork etc

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Because as we all know, it's not just about what you do, it's also about how you do it. I think the "human" stuff I've done at LP has been more important and often more difficult than the "hard" stuff.
Leading a team, keeping people motivated and happy even when the chips are down. Listening, talking, being honest. Helping change a team culture around commercial decisions.

Fostering creativity thru 'play', and making people feel 'safe' (including being safe to fail).

Doing process stuff by a) listening to people and b) believing people. Treating everyone with respect. A gentle/tenacious approach to roadblocks.

Doing things differently, like paying people to do a crap job, or finding new ways to reuse content.

Celebrating wins, as well as making it okay to stuff up.

un-SMART team goals such as "making other teams' jobs better".

Building links and breaking down barriers by a) LP indoor soccer b) the NZ board, c) inter-office stuff as with LP India and LP China (because it's the people that have made LP great).

I don't shy away from the hard stuff, like delivering bad news. I do things I'd rather not, like public speaking (which won me a storytelling prize!), or referring soccer matches. Learning new/scary things, like SAP, and this new-fangled HTML business.

Taking the initiative in problem solving: "I will resolve this". Honouring the "principle" behind the rules, rather than the rules themselves (so, knowing when to break the rules!). Also, knowing when to stick to the rules. And knowing when to run.

circumplex agile card Myer-Briggs People trust me, because they know I'm honest, and they know I'll go into things looking for the best solution for everyone, rather than trying to "win". Sometimes this means acknowledging the negatives and risks of a proposal too (because you can't do anything to ameliorate risks if you pretend they don't exist, right?).