RESUME: the Formal Bit

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This is the old-school bit of the resumé: what I did when. But really the other stuff's probably far more useful, isn't it?

Lonely Planet logo Lonely Planet 1998-2013. Associate Publisher, Commissioning Editor (New Zealand), co-organiser of the inhouse soccer competition. This is the most-recent and most-important bit, so you should follow this link here to see what I've been doing at Lonely Planet.

Comalco logo Comalco Research 1992-1997. Research physicist, modeller. A fun job - ask me about it some time. There are bits of this modelling experience that I still use now in Publishing, surprisingly. As well as letting me see some interesting bits of Australia, I got to do some interesting smelting experiments.
Oh, and to my enduring shame, I appeared in this.

Waikato University University of Waikato 1988-1991. Bachelor of Science (& Tech) majoring in Physics.

A couple of periods at NZ Steel Mill (1990) and NZ Electricity (1987) where I learned how to twist the ends of wires together and all about the philosophical implications of PH-meter installation.

tractor Various glasshouses and farms of the Bay of Plenty. Results-focussed scrum master in the pro-active harvesting of produce, specialising in low-hanging fruit (such as tomatos and corn), and the whistle-based management of dedicated project team members (aka 'sheep dogs'). Supplementary skills: tractor driving.